My Life Organiser💖

So… I know you all can’t wait to see what I actually use as my organiser!!

I started with a paper planner that I bought in tkmaxx one year that was A4 in size and had divider tabs for the months, and this worked really well. As I went through the last few years however, and added notebooks galore with ASD stuff and meeting notes and my husbands mental health trackers, it became obvious that I needed an upgrade to keep everything together.

In came my filofax domino in red.


After weeks of research and Pinterest searching, I settled on my filofax. I fell in love instantly!!

It is A5 size, and this means I can take it with me in my (admittedly very large) handbag, and use it at home on my desk easily. I bought a single hole punch so I can add in any sheets I want, or need, and set to work having dividers for everything I need in my life to help me and my family get organised!

(there are photos of what came with the filofax on my Instagram 😁)

I added my lovely little pig charm that my kids had bought me for my bracelet but didn’t fit. I love having it there every time I use my planner, it reminds me of why I put so much time and effort into everything I do, to make their lives as stress free as I can and just spend quality time together as a family.

I still have my notebooks, I don’t think I could ever not have notebooks 😂. I have a brain dump book that is also part mindfulness colouring in book. This is so good on a night when you are thinking about everything, but none of it in an order to be able to get it down. I write what I can remember and then colour in while thinking how to word everything else! Only then can I put all this information into my planner.


I am not a fancy planner, this is real life. It is used fluidly in that everything goes in here. It is not set up just to take pretty pictures of, it exists out of necessity and a little bit of creativity needing a home together.

I hope it helps someone struggling to know where to start, that it doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy to be really useful !



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