My planner setup 2019

So this year I am continuing with my filofax domino A5 after having switched to it half way through last year. I find it the perfect size for all my daily needs and is big enough to hold everything I need.

I have however changed it up a bit this year, I have moved my diary planner to my new filofax zipped saffiano personal size. This is my wallet, diary, and to do list all in one, and although I haven’t finished decorating it yet, I love it ! (see the picture above)


My inserts in the domino haven’t changed much this year yet, but as I have moved my social media planner out and my calendar out, I think I will add more dividers so that I can get to exactly what I want without going through each category to find it. That’s a job for later!!


I also added some beautiful scrapbook paper to some of the dividers as I love making them look pretty, it makes me want to use my planner more when I like how it looks, but this is not a necessity to be able to plan !

So that’s my setup for this year. I will give a more detailed view of sections I use and what inserts are there over the coming weeks, but if there is something specific you would like to see, then just let me know. 🖇️🍹


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