How to recycle old contacts sheets in your planner / filofax

I don’t know about you, but most of my contacts are now in my phone or emails and not so many in my paper planner these days. This means that I have a lot of spare contacts sheets that come with the filofax, and most other paper planners too.


I took the pages I had left over, and have repurposed them into useful pages I want to have in my filofax.

First, I decided I wanted this page to be used as my travel bucket list.

I had some travel related washi in my stash and I got to work covering the writing, and repunching the holes so it can still be used.


Then, I added my own notes and used brightly coloured pens, in this case I used Bic intensity fineliners, they are much more noticeable in real life than in the photo.

And there you have it, a page dedicated to my bucket list without having to print or buy anything new 😁

What do you repurpose your old pages for ?Β  I would love to hear your ideas x


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