Why Autism does not define my child.

” you’re lucky he’s only mildly autistic and can go to a mainstream school”

So many things about this sentence I could correct, but I just smile and change the subject most of the time as I don’t have the energy to explain.

What I actually want to say is…
He doesn’t have ‘mild’ autism, you just experience his autism mildly.
If you are never in his safe space.. You don’t see the trouble he has understanding that the sandwich I made him will still taste the same even though the packet the ham came out of has a different picture than the one yesterday, or that even though someone said they will be ready in a minute, they don’t actually mean 60 seconds!

If you read only the headlines about autism, you wouldn’t belive my sweet smiley little boy could have that label. He has full speech (although is a selective mute but people take this as being shy), he goes to a mainstream school and is around average in his class, he has a few friends that he plays with and can make perfect eye contact with you.. So I hear you say, how is he autistic??


He struggles to process the world around him, he doesn’t really understand emotions and can’t get sarcasm at all… So you saying pigs might fly will cause him to over analyse for days why this could never happen!!

He can get over stimulated throughout the day with either things that have upset him, or by having so much fun, and then he comes home to his safe space and goes into full meltdown. But noone sees this, they think he copes well every day and is always happy, so does he hate me then?? No.. He trusts me more than anyone in the world to release all this built up emotion and knows that I will still love him uncondionally at the end of it all.

He is lucky, he should be able to have a fairly ‘normal’ life (God I hate that word, but you know what I mean) and will learn ways to manage his emotions better and not have full blown meltdowns. But none of this means he has mild autism. It’s a spectrum disorder and he is somewhere on the spectrum. You are either autistic or you are not.

Now.. Saying all of this, my boy is amazing in so many ways. He can recall every one of his 241 hot wheels cars by name, he knows the make and model of every car that drives past him, he knows every wrestler in wwe just by the 1st 2 bars of their entrance music and can do the best fake fart noise you have ever heard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Autism is part of him, not a label to define him.

Thanks for listening to my mini rant πŸ˜‚

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