How to Track and Reach your Goals using your filofax / planner

Do you have something in mind that you are wanting to achieve?

Do you have a new mindset to start something new?

Here are my 5 tips in tracking and achieving your new found focus….

1. Dedicate a section of your planner to your goal,or if it is a big goal that needs a lot of planning, dedicate a whole notebook/planner or file to it, but have a space that you can see easily.

2. Divide your goal into mini targets.  Having one long term target of say running a 5k race, or getting your degree, have many smaller steps along the way.  This makes it easier to track your progress, and in turn, increase your motivation!!

3. Track your progress often! Whether this be daily, weekly, monthly whatever suits you and your goal, plan to track it. Add a note into your planner or calender to remind you to update your goal tracker and stick to it.  This is known to help keep you on focus.

4. Keep focused!! Add a dashboard to the front of your planner with pictures or words that help to motivate you or to remind you of what you are aiming for. You will see this everytime you open your planner and you will remember why you are doing what your doing!

5. Celebrate success!! Once you have reached a mini goal, celebrate it! Be happy you have achieved the 1st step, or the 2nd, or the 23rd!!! Each mini goal is worthy of a celebration for bringing you 1 step closer to the end goal.  This could be something as small as a face mask, or a coffee out, or a pice of chocolate fudge cake (or is that just me??) to anything that you want. Just do something that is good for your soul to reward your achievement!!


Good luck in all your goal setting, and let me know how you get on 😊


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